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This Is Us – If You’re Not Watching This Show, You Should Be

This will be tough, but I promise throughout this article, no spoilers.

And the reason for leaving it be no spoilers is because I love this show so much I just want everyone else to discover it the same way I did. I love nothing more than a good story, and that’s exactly what it is from the first moment of the series premiere.

But this is what I can tell you about the show. It’s about life. It’s about families. It’s about choices.

I found the commercials for the show interesting so decided to give the premiere a try. I was hooked from the word go. And then that episode ended in a surprise to the plot. And that’s why I can’t say too much about it.

But by that point I wasn’t watching the show alone. My daughter had joined me and was asking questions about the characters in the show. By the next episode, she was sitting right there watching with me. By the next episode she was working, so I saved the show to watch together.

But tonight, she was gone again, and I knew there wouldn’t be time to watch it together, so I watched it alone. It was still just as good, but I cannot wait for her to watch it tomorrow so that I can share the episode with her.

As every episode either answers a question or asks a question, and sometimes it does both. Tonight’s episode happened to answer a question yet also posed another one in the process. Each episode also offers up some great parallels. I did not want the hour to end.

I am invested in these people after just a few episodes. I care about these people. I’ve celebrated with these people. I’ve credit with these people.

This is just a stunning show, and I pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. If you like good take-your-breath-away drama, put it on your list. DVR it. Get caught up via On Demand. You’ll be hooked too.

This Is Us. Tuesday nights at 8 PM CST.

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