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Thelma & Louise Screenwriter Goes Off on Donald Trump Supporter for Referencing Movie at Rally

For the past year rock singers, groups, and songwriters have been getting pissed at Donald Trump for using their music at his campaign rallies. Now he’s reaching a whole new territory. Callie Khouri, the screenwriter for Thelma & Louise, is ticked off about the movie being referenced at one of his rallies.

Wayne Allyn Root, the author of Angry White Male, was speaking at a Trump rally in Las Vegas and discussed a scenario of television channels interrupting TV shows with coverage of a police chase involving Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin and referenced O.J. Simpson, Driving Miss Daisy, and Thelma & Louise.

“It’s Hillary in a White Ford Bronco,” Root said. “She’s got Huma driving, and they’re headed for the Mexican border. I have a name for the future TV movie. It’s called Driving Miss Hillary. And the ending, if we all get our wish, the ending is like Thelma & Louise.”

It’s kind of a weird comparison. And maybe it’s just me, but I kind of think Trump’s sexist misogynistic views, words, and actions are the type of thing that Thelma and Louise would be fighting against.

It turns out it’s not just me. In a series of tweets, Khouri, who certainly knows the characters as the screenwriter, said in a series of tweets, “Okay, asshole. Where to start?? You don’t get to use T&L without knowing that they would have blown that Trump train straight to hell … If it ends like T&L Hillary and Huma will live on as beacons of empowerment and will inspire more to fight sexist assholes like Trump … You never saw the movie or you’d know NO FIERY CAR CRASH. And as for prying this country form your cold dead fingers, have it your way.”

As much as Trump’s supporters may like to have Clinton fall off a cliff and never be heard from again, I don’t see it happening. She’s not on the run from the authorities and the emails. She is encouraging them to release all the information they have. If anyone might want to escape the law, it might be Trump with a dozen women after him for sexual assault.

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