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LauraBelle’s Potpourri – Robert Blake, Joe Biden, Criss Angel, and More

Robert Blake is engaged again. Let me remind everyone that he was acquitted for murdering his second wife, and it seemed the only reaosn he was acquitted was because they had no forensic evidence pointing towards him, only his oddball story that he went inside the restaurant to retrieve his gun, but not the one that killed his wife. His new fiancée, who is nearly thirty years younger than him, needs to watch this appearance of his on Piers Morgan’s show. He seems either crazy or guilty … or both.

Joe Biden is doing what he can for the fight against cancer. He noted in a speech that “Not smoking and having clean air and water” are key, and then followed it up by saying, “nothwithstanding some new person in a government agency who doesn’t believe in global warming.” That was an obvious dig at Scott Pruitt of the EPA. I don’t know really know why I got cancer, but why not eliminate all the possible reasons to help people in the future?

Have to say I’m not very enthused about the new host of America’s Got Talent: Tyra Banks. I don’t dislike her; it just does nothing to make me want to watch the show. I thought Nick Cannon was fantastic in that role, and I also think NBC could have done something to keep him. I just don’t see Tyra doing all the funny, crazy things that Nick did as part of the show.

Joni Sledge passed away at the age of 60. Don’t know who that is? She’s the second oldest sister in the group Sister Sledge. You know, the ones who sang “We Are Family.” They haven’t revealed her cause of death, but 60 years old is far too young. RIP.

Criss Angel passed out while doing his strait jacket stunt this weekend. How frightening is that? Even more frightening, the guy came back the next night and did the stunt again in his next shows. I interviewed him once and asked what type of stunt he’d draw the line with. He said nothing was too frightening for him as if you don’t fear death, there’s nothing else to fear. Do you think he still feels the same?

Chrissy Teigen is being mom-shamed again. WTF? Why can people not leave her alone? She got flak on social media lately for the way she was shown holding her baby in a picture, because her baby never shows emotion, and because the golden rule is to put one more layer of clothing on your baby than you would wear yourself and her baby wasn’t wearing a jacket or socks. C’mon, people. Have to say I didn’t put an extra layer of clothing on my babies. So glad social media wasn’t following me around as a young mom.

Sean Spicer made a comment about about the podium he was speaking behind, referencing one of Melissa McCarthy’s bits when she was portraying him on Saturday Night Live and the podium became motorized, attacking the reporters. You have to love that. It’s like he’s in on the joke. It’s so much better to be in on the joke rather than tweeting about it at all hours of the night demanding that SNL should be off the air, that it’s not funny anymore, and that Alec Baldwin is the worst. That’s just … being a poor sport.

Roman Polanski says he’ll return to Los Angeles to face the 1977 rape charge only if he won’t serve any jail time. Really? Is that what every criminal says? Sure, I’ll go trial, but only if you promise me I won’t have to serve jail time. Well, apparently it worked for Robert Blake.

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