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Chuck Berry Dies at Age 90

Rock ‘n roll has just lost one of the greats, one of the pioneers. Chuck Berry has died at age 90 according to police.

The St. Charles County, Missouri, authorities responded to a medical emergency early this afternoon. Inside the home they found an unresponsive 90-year-old man whom they were not able to revive. He was pronounced dead shortly after.

He was identified as Charles Edward Anderson Berry Sr., the man music fans know as Chuck Berry. He had just announced last fall that he would be releasing a new album this year, his first in thirty-eight years.

But to me, my biggest memory of Chuck Berry doesn’t even include him, for the most part. It’s this scene from Back to to the Future where “Marvin Berry” calls his cousin Chuck to tell him of a new sound as Marty McFly plays “Johnny B. Good.”

Other than “Johnny B. Good,” Berry is also know for the iconic hits “Maybelline,” “My Ding-a-Ling,” “Route 66,” “Roll Over Beethoven,” and “No Particular Place to Go.”

RIP Chuck. You left quite a legacy behind you in the world of rock ‘n roll.

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