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Could Melania Trump Be Among Alec Baldwin’s ‘SNL’ Fans?

By the way Donald Trump tweets about Alec Baldwin and “Saturday Night Live,” you would think that there are not many fans across the country and certainly not any in the White House. But according to Baldwin himself, he has it on good authority that the President’s wife is quite tickled with his impression of Trump.

The actor first brought up this idea to Brian Lehrer on the WNYC radio show last week. He heard through the grapevine from some people in the know that Melania Trump thinks Baldwin’s impression of her husband is dead on. However, the White House said in a statement to Newsweek that the mere thought of this is “bizarre.”

Baldwin wasn’t deterred. He mentioned it again when he was onstage at New York’s 92Y with Lehrer and his co-author of “You Can’t Spell America without Me,” Kurt Anderson.

Could this actually be true? There have been so many rumors about Melania’s true feelings for the Donald. There have been so many hints: not wanting to move to the White House with him, grimacing behind his back, swatting his hand away, and even a rumor that an impostor of her own was taking her place in appearances.

Is it that she just can’t stand to be with the guy anymore but feels obliged as FLOTUS? Or is this just not the life she bargained for when she initially married Trump, who at the time was a real estate mogul?

Is she secretly laughing at him behind his back? What does she think of his hair and that huge butt? Does his orange makeup rub off on her when they’re cuddling?

Baldwin said that someone in the administration told someone else that Melania loves his Trump impression and “thinks it’s the funniest thing in the world,” and Trump hates it that she finds him funny, with this liaison telling Baldwin that the President “despises you even more because she thinks you’re funny.”

If she likes his Trump character, it makes you wonder what she thinks of Cecily Strong’s impression of her.

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