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Bill Murray Gave Ticketless Cubs Fan a Ticket for Game 6 of the World Series

The Chicago Cubs will remember 2016 as not only their decades-awaited World Series win, but also the year Bill Murray became the most famous Cubs fan since Harry Caray.

It was hard to escape the Murray sightings as the one perennial losers inched closer and closer to the momentous win.

Before I go any further, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a Cubs hater. I grew up the daughter of two very devoted fans. There is no doubt my father is flying his W flag proudly today. But, I married a Sox fan, so I lost interest in the Cubs. But I couldn’t resist cheering along with the fans this year towards the end, knowing how important that was to my parents and many of my friends.

But the guy we all had no doubts about regarding his loyalty to the team is Bill Murray.

He’s been seen all over recently, from bartending for his son’s bar in New York to pulling out random acts of strangeness across the country. But it was hard to not see him cheering in the stands through every game of the playoffs, knowing he was bleeding Cubbie blue.

Murray even crashed a White House press briefing to talk about the Cubs. Who else could have gotten away with that other than him? And by now we’ve all seen the picture of him celebrating the World Series win on the field, looking like it had brought him to tears.

And now comes this story. He gave a ticket to Game 6 of the World Series to an ordinary fan. And not just any ticket – it was a ticket seated right next to him.

Karen Michel says she was hoping there some way was an extra ticket for her sitting around at the Cleveland box office. She saw Murray walking by and decided to follow him. He just turned around and handed her a ticket. She was shocked once she got in there to find it wasn’t just any ticket. It was a few rows behind home plate and right next to Murray, with other celebrity fans such as Eddie Vedder.

They ended up talking about their lives as Cubs fans and their childhoods while sitting next to each other during the Cubs win.

It seems like Michel had the best seat in the house.

Image Credit: YouTube

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