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LauraBelle’s Potpourri – Schwarzenegger, Trump, Being Unruly, and More

Arnold Schwarzenegger is said to be considering a run for the Senate in 2018. I don’t know how good that will be for California, but I think it’s hilarious in light of his feelings about Trump. I can see him using the opportunity to really stick it to him.

Bill O’Reilly referred to NBC’s Andrea Mitchell as “unruly” after she was kicked out of a press conference. Her offense? She was asking a question of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. The press asking a question at a press conoference is “unruly?” Really? Is it because she’s blonde and pretty? That means she’s not allowed to ask a question? I suppose if you’d ask Trump he’d say she’s probably bleeding from somewhere or that he wants to grab her by the pussy.

The LAPD did a well-being check on Richard Simmons. They found him well. Why can people just not get it through their heads that the guy is not being kept a prisoner by his housekepper? He just wants to be left alone. Let him be already.

A Harry Potter actor, Jim Tavaré, was in a serious car accident and suffered broken bones all over his body, including his neck. Hey, I don’t watch the Harry Potter movies, but it’s still sad to me. My father-in-law was in similar condition after being hit by a car and passed away a few months later. People need to realize cars can be lethal weapons.

Samantha Bee has apologized for calling out a cancer patient as having “Nazi Hair.” Eesh. That’s not good. I know she didn’t realize she was speaking about a cancer patient, but that was seriously one of my concerns early on when growing back my hair. I didn’t want anyone to look at my short hair or hat and label me as a cancer patient, let alone having Nazi Hair. And three years later I’m still growing it out.

HBO is going to make the 2016 presidential election into a miniseries. Really? Too soon, man. Too soon.

Fox News has just settled yet another sexual harassment lawsuit. And Trump thinks he should grab women by the pussy. Connection?

My mom heard about a reality show planned for Russia where anything goes, even rape and murder. People are sent to Siberia and are given rope, a fishing rod, salt, sugar, knife, a set of clothes, and an axe. What the fresh hell is that? I don’t know, but I’m thinking it would be great if Trump combined his passions for reality TV and Russia and was sent to Siberia.

Hopefully I made you feel, think and maybe even laugh today. If I did, drop me a line and let me know.

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