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Sean Hannity Says ‘Journalism Is Dead’ After Joy Behar Announced Erroneous Michael Flynn News

Sean Hannity couldn’t be more hypocritical.

He was up in arms over ABC’s erroneous Michael Flynn news. Joy Behar was handed breaking news from Brian Ross on “The View” on Friday that said that Michael Flynn was going to testify that Donald Trump told him to reach out to Russian Officials during the campaign, but that was Ross’ mistake. What Flynn will testify to is that it happened after Trump was elected.

ABC News apologized; Ross was suspended. But Hannity is declaring “journlism is dead” over this.

What he seems to be forgetting all about is the fake news that he insisted on reporting about a DNC staffer who was murdered during the election. Hannity kept insisting he had talked to WikiLeaks just before the murder. It was a stupid conspiracy theory, and he had to be literally forced to stop reporting it months later.

That’s okay, apparently, to spread conspiracy theory fake news but not an error in reporting that is rectified very quickly and that deeply upset the grieving parents.

And because of the same story and Joy Behar celebrating over the erroneous news, Meghan McCain reported on “The View” on Monday that she feels like “an astronaut from another planet to come here and try to explain both worlds to each other – that’s how different I feel on this show sometimes.”

Well Meghan, I’m guessing you weren’t forced to take the job. And you know where the door is if it’s that upsetting to you. I’m guessing you get paid lots of money to feel like an astronaut from another planet. And you don’t really believe you’re trying to explain both worlds to each other, do you? I hear you explaining one world.

Matt Lauer paid his wife $5 million a decade ago to cancel the divorce and stay with him, and they’ve basically been living separate lives. But that’s not the weirdest thing. Guess where his work sex toys came from? Sex therapist Dr. Laura Berman.

Meredith Vieira accidentally came upon the bag of toys in Matt’s closet once. He later guested on Meredith’s talk show, and the subject came up. He said Dr. Laura had bought them for all the “Today” co-hosts. But Dr. Laura says now that he told her at the time he wanted to use them with his wife but was too embarrassed to be seen buying them. And, of course, he then used them to harass co-workers.

“Dancing with the Stars” pro Sharna Burgess is defending Nick Carter after rape allegations from when he was 22. She says she’s not victim shaming.

Okay. But you also can’t speak with authority about his character so many years ago. You don’t know if he did it or not just because he was a perfect gentleman as your dancing partner. You don’t know how he behaved with his accuser back then. You may not be “victim shaming,” but if you’re implying he wouldn’t do such a thing, that’s shaming the victim because you’re basically calling her a liar.

And to Katharine McPhee who crashed a wedding and was kicked out? How embarrassing for you. Most celebs crash weddings and end up taking selfies all night with the bride and groom. But instead, they kicked you out.

Next time, check in with a pro on how to do it. We crashed a wedding a few summers back and were then invited to stay by the groom, and yes, took selfies with him. And we weren’t even celebrities. You have to know how to do it.

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